Cleanroom Gloves

Hand protection is paramount to today’s workers; therefore, we offer a variety of gloves for use in a wide range of applications.  Whether your gloves are for medical use, manufacturing, critical environments, auto assembly/inspection, or your local tattoo shop, using the correct glove is essential to each user.  Cleanroom gloves are packaged in polyethylene bags, while our medical-grade gloves are packed in boxes for easy dispensing.


Available Options

Type Brand Length Color
Latex V-Clean Cleanroom Compatible 9″ Yellow
Latex V-Clean Cleanroom Compatible  12″ Yellow
Nitrile V-Clean Cleanroom Compatible  10″ White
 Nitrile V-Clean Cleanroom Compatible  12″ White
 Nitrile Cranberry ISO Class 5 Compatible  12″  White
 Nitrile  KoolTouch Exam Grade  9.5″  Blue
 Nitrile  Carbonite Exam Grade  9″  Black