The Overview
Ports America Outer Harbor terminal closes in March, but the Port of Oakland promised to keep cargo moving efficiently, minimizing disruption. The Port also committed to using this closure as a springboard for future growth.

The Details

  • More than 2 million containers move annually through the Port
  • Ports America Outer Harbor terminal closes in March, terminating its 50-year lease for business reasons while meeting all lease obligations
  • While the Port engaged in prolonged discussions with Ports America about the operator’s future, Ports America made a unilateral decision to terminate the lease
  • Upon the closure, vessels will be re-routed to adjacent terminals, including Oakland International Container Terminal, which has added extra hours on Saturdays and weeknights to support the overload
  • The Port has stated, in a recent press release, that this closure represents future opportunity and is considering several possibilities for repurposing the Ports America space, including uses un-related to containerized cargo operations

The Takeaway
While the closure of Ports America Outer Harbor terminal initially seems to represent an interruption in the business-as-usual for Port of Oakland, the Port is taking meaningful steps to ensure a minimal impact to customers, as well as maintain Oakland’s cargo volume via migration to other terminals. In addition, the Port is actively considering alternate uses for the Ports America real estate, which will set the stage for even more commerce going forward.

What This Means for You
Customers can expect to receive any notable updates should this affect the delivery of our goods to you.  Our commitment is to provide a high level of service, and by keeping you informed, we hope to lessen any inconvenience.


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