We are committed to working with clients to deliver solutions that can provide companies with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With more than 20 years of industry expertise and low overhead costs, we are able to provide customers with high quality service and savings.

While many importers simply provide a service, we create long-term beneficial partnerships with our clients. We form valuable, enduring relationships with quality manufacturers around the world and serve as industry partners and advisors to work diligently on your behalf to boost customer service, increase the bottom line, and gain market share.

Supply Chain Management

GSI takes a cross-functional approach to overseeing unique aspects of the supply chain. Our team consists of experienced industry professionals with multidisciplinary skills working towards a common goal of coordinating and integrating goods, information, technology, and finance flows.




Private Labeling and Branding

Our customers have the opportunity to build their brand and increase visibility by custom-labeling their imported goods prior to delivery, saving time and money. We offer quality print options as well as design and content assistance.






We offer an unparalleled sourcing service by leveraging our network to locate the right manufacturers for a broad-range of imported goods. Our partners not only understand the import business, but are also embedded in the business and culture of specific regional areas. Manufacturers are held to the highest standards. They go through a comprehensive process that includes pre-qualification samples and small orders as well as an on-site inspection.



Our Partnerships & Network

Our Partnerships and Network

Our work is dependent on an incredible network of fast-moving and smart people. When you choose Gateway Specialty Imports, you get to tap into our vast network of strategically placed partners who have varying areas of expertise. Our extended team of product agents, US distributors, and service representatives enable us to provide value-added products and services to our clients, mitigate risks, obtain immediate resolutions, and deliver on quick-turn requests. Together, we make a very demanding process seamless.